Kindness in Action


Sally Lloyd, Registered Dental Hygienist at Lifetime Smiles Dental Hygiene Clinic travelled to Venezuela January 2009 with KIA- Kindness In Action Dental Mission to provide much needed dental and dental hygiene treatment  to children.

Kindness is action was founded by Dr. Amil Shapka of St. Paul, Alberta

Delivering compassionate care while respecting the dignity of those in need

The objectives of KIA are as follows:

To provide dental health services, doing as much as we can with what we have.

To honor, support and empower those with less and assist them in becoming self-sufficient.

To educate and raise awareness of Developing World Issues.

We accept and work with the “Guidelines for Dental Volunteers” adopted by the FDI World Dental Federation 2005 Montreal General Assembly.

Kindness in Action welcomes new volunteers. Their only requirement is a sincere desire to want to help. Being entirely volunteer based, they need committed people to assist with everything from dentistry to translations to fund-raising. If this speaks to you – check out their website.

KIA4Sally in the makeshift “clinic”. There were no dental chairs- so patients had to lay on the wooden benches.



KIA6The rooftop waterpod. End of the day showers were slightly warmer as the water had been heated by the sun, but if you waited until then- sometimes the pod was empty.

KIA8 These smiling faces made it all worth it!