Preventing tooth decay in children

Preventing tooth decay in children


Most of the dental hygienists here at Lifetime Smiles Dental Hygiene Clinic are also “moms”. We care deeply about the oral health of all children.  In this age of doctor Google, there can be a great deal of conflicting healthcare advice easily accessed.

Our goal is to educate parents, caregivers, grandparents and anyone else who will listen, by providing facts. Research in dental health and products to combat tooth decay is ever changing, therefore we are continuously learning.

Sometimes going back to the basics is important. There is one truth that is important to understand, and that is Babies are not born with the bacteria that causes tooth decay, they pick it up from a parent, a caregiver, from someone else.

How does that happen? Shared saliva – licking a fork or spoon and sharing with a baby, testing babies food first, or licking off the pacifier instead of washing it off with water (you know you’ve done that!). You can easily see there are many ways saliva (and germs) can be transferred.  Caregivers with active dental disease and tooth decay are potentially going to be a source of significant bacteria.

A great source of information can be found on the following site-  American Pediatric Dentistry