Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening Lifetime Smies in Calgary

ABOVE:  One of our clients shared the results of her teeth whitening performed before her destination wedding in February 2011. This is her photo.

Teeth Whitening

 Teeth Whitening Results. This is the amazing Allison McKee owner of Body Integral fitness facility in Claresholm, personal fitness trainer, motivator and life coach. Allison was very pleased with the teeth whitening results from her session at our clinic. Very timely for a photo shoot she had with Lauren Raylene | Photography. Allison has a beautiful smile, better than any stock photo we could ever use. Realresults 


In Clinic Session of Rev teeth Whitening  $75  per session or Enjoy a NO CHARGE session with each booked dental cleaning (this is a great way to determine how your teeth will respond to whitening before buying sessions)

What is involved? You need to fill out a health questionaire.

A short 15 minute appointment for each session.

How many shades lighter will my teeth become? This depends on the starting shade of the teeth. Someone with a whiter starting shade won’t become 8 shades lighter, but in our experience, the appearance is brighter, and patients are pleased. If the starting shade is yellowish, the result can be several shades lighter. It would be very misleading to promise 8 shades lighter, that is why the language used on whitening products is “up to 8 shades lighter”.

How long will it last? Again – this is different for each person. Home dental care habits, smoking and drinking coffee, tea, red wine, and dark colas all effect how long the results last. Someone who does their dental hygiene homework is going to have longer lasting results than someone who rarely brushes their teeth.

When can I start? You can start right away – phone us to book – (403) 457-2044 – we offer great hours, including evenings & Saturdays. We are more than happy to find a time that works for you.

Are there people that shouldn’t have their teeth whitened? We will review the possible side effect of temperature sensitivity, and require a tooth whitening informed consent signed. There are dental conditions that may exist and in which case tooth whitening is contraindicated, for example cavities, gum recession – the dental hygienist can discuss this with you in clinic. Women breastfeeding, and pregnant women should not use teeth whitening products.

If you are seen in the clinic and it is determined that teeth whitening is not for you, it will not cost you anything.

Best results when performed shortly after a professional cleaning. if you are due or overdue for dental cleaning – we can schedule that for you as well- enjoy a free session with each booked cleaning.  (403)457-2044 Calgary     (403)625-2044 Claresholm