Doom & gloom in the economy and I can’t afford a dental cleaning…

Doom & gloom in the economy and I can’t afford a dental cleaning…


It’s pretty hard not to be impacted by daily media reminders of the economic downturn in Calgary, but we are choosing to maintain a positive attitude here at Lifetime Smiles Dental Hygiene Clinic and assist our returning patients as well as new ones in achieving that very necessary “dental cleaning”. In fact, we feel we have a great value to offer to our patients.

One of the first and most important ways to save dental dollars right now is to PREVENT the need for new dental treatment.

Prevent cavities,

Prevent the need for root canal treatment

Prevent gum disease

recession rebel

You get the picture – PREVENTION IS KEY in saving dental costs.  Oral health education and tips & tricks to keep your pearly whites healthy are what we provide all day, everyday here. We were reminded how valuable this information is when recently a patient stated that she learned more in one appointment here at Lifetime Smiles Dental Hygiene Clinic than she had ever experienced.


Oral hygiene tips are individualized. There are no “floss lectures”, but instead a discussion of other dental aids that might replace flossing for you. Perhaps floss picks or a Waterpik flosser may be a better plaque remover for you. Investing in an electric toothbrush often makes a significant improvement in oral health and reduces the amount of tartar removal required at your dental cleaning – thus saving you money at all future appointments.

We want to help you to keep your smile healthy & keep your dental cleaning appointments comfortable financially, so talk to us if you are feeling the cost is a barrier. Many who phone us inquiring about cost are pleasantly surprised that it’s less than they imagined. 

At Lifetime Smiles we strive to control overhead costs and run our clinic in a very efficient manner. Thanks to the support of our patients, word of mouth referrals and great management we have not increased our fees for more than 3 years, and still offer a complimentary teeth whitening session with each dental cleaning. When the economy isn’t great, individuals begin to take a closer look at where they are spending their dental dollars. This is where we feel we fit in,  a dental hygiene clinic can “fit the bill”. Our logo designer, the talented Nikki of Fetching Finn reminded us today that being an entrepreneur in some of our country’s toughest economic times is something to celebrate.Years_05_blk_sm

So, thank you for your support, no doom & gloom here,

we are forging ahead in a positive light

Happy 2016.

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