Don’t Let Language Be The Barrier

Don’t Let Language Be The Barrier

ÖWelcome to Lifetime Smiles Dental Hygiene Clinic in Calgary. We would like to introduce you to one of our dental hygienists – Jane Ma.   Jane speaks Mandarin and is happy to help patients who have difficulty accessing dental care in Calgary because of the language barrier. She is happy to discuss any dental issue you or your family member are having in Mandarin, and explain procedures and dental treatment. Jane can also refer you to a dentist if need be. Would you like your children to speak Mandarin at their dental cleaning appointments? Being a parent herself, Jane is very relaxed and happy to treat children of all ages. Do you have a senior parent who speaks Mandarin and communicating in their language would be easier?

Would it be easier to discuss the cost of dentistry and dental insurance policies in Mandarin?

Jane is passionate about dentistry and is dedicated to her patients, and has been a registered dental hygienist since 2003. She is eager to communicate to her clients up-to-date oral health knowledge.  Her gentle and caring clinic manners have gained much praise from patients.  The greatest satisfaction for Jane comes from seeing patients smile and tell her about their improved oral health and general health.
She enjoys Canada’s natural beauty, and appreciates people’s generosity.  She loves reading, music and trying different foods from different cultures.
If you or someone else would like to communicate in Mandarin with Jane – please phone (403)457-2044 or email us (  It’s important that language is not a barrier to a healthy mouth and a long lasting pain free smile. When discussing an individuals dental health – it is important their are no misunderstandings due to language. Our goal is to provide high quality care in a culturally sensitive fashion. Come meet Jane in person 🙂

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  1. I think this is especially important in a city like ours where we are multi culture. I am sure having Jane join your team is a comfort to those clients who speak Mandarin.

  2. What a great way to feature the people in your office. I imagine Jane’s language really puts a lot a patients at ease – anything medical can be troubling, especially if you do not fluent speak the language.

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