Dental Cleanings

Lifetime Smiles Dental Hygiene Clinic opened in Calgary, Alberta in 2010 thanks to changes in provincial legislation that made it possible. Our clinic is located inside Trico Centre for Family Wellness, east of Southcenter mall.

The clinic is staffed by Registered Dental Hygienists with expanded skills – that’s right a dental HYGIENE clinic, not a dental dentists here. The focus is on preventing dental cavities, tooth loss, gum disease and other health problems. If you do not have a regular dentist, we can certainly refer you to one.

We see all ages and offer direct billing to your dental insurance.

No insurance? No problem – many find our fees very reasonable.

Have you been told that you should have a professional cleaning every 3 months but you can’t fit it in your budget? Call and speak to us – again this is where we can make a difference. An option that allows individuals to seek out hygiene care that ensures optimal health.

Are the hygienists qualified? Yes – they most certainly are. There is a great blog post on that subject here.

Dental cleanings, teeth whitening, digital Xrays, treatment of gum disease and infection. Referrals to dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons and other healthcare providers made. By appointment or walk in
Services in English, Spanish, Cantonese & Mandarin – Come talk teeth with us!

Have a look at around our website for more information about the clinic or the staff. If you know someone that could benefit from the information in any one of these posts – share it, spread the news.