Emily Paxman

Emily Paxman, BScDH, Registered Dental Hygienist

Emily comes to us from Southern Alberta- she was born and raised close to Waterton Park. Emily’s father was a dentist and she began working in his office at the age of 15- this is where she gained an appreciation for the dental field.

Upon graduating from high school, Emily applied to the dental hygiene program at the University of Alberta. Emily spent three years training and received her diploma in dental hygiene in 2005. Upon graduation Emily began working part time as a dental hygienist and decided that she wanted to continue on with her baccalaureate studies. She completed a degree in Dental Hygiene six months later, graduating at the top her class. Emily found that completing her degree was her favorite part of her education- she enjoyed learning about other aspects of dental hygiene- research, teaching and her personal favorite- community health. She completed a community health module and one day hopes to take a more active role in this area.

Emily joined the Lifetime Smiles team in June 2013 and has found it very rewarding to be in an independent dental hygiene practice. She enjoys working with all age groups, loves to educate patients and enjoys learning through continuing education.

Life is busy for Emily with her amazing husband and three wonderful children at home. Emily enjoys spending time with her family, reading and being out of doors. She is grateful for a wonderful supportive family and for the opportunity to work in such an innovative dynamic environment at Lifetime Smiles.